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The Airmill Air Bike is a piece of cardio equipment developed for functional training applications. Backed by 20+ years experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing traditional cardio equipment.

The Airmill Air Bike features increased durability by using higher quality parts throughout the frame. The frame weighs more than comparable models which leads to more stability and also uses longer-lasting moving parts. We’ve also included full-contact foot rests and a water bottle holder that bolts onto the frame. Our heavy-duty handlebar and frame construction also produces a more intense workout in shorter periods of time!

Burn calories like crazy by with one of the greatest HIIT workout devices on the planet! A super-tough bike that allows its user to both combine both arms & legs, or use them independently, to achieve your desired workout results. The Air Bike is a favourite of boxes, gym and personal training studios alike – This updated model comes with a commercial warranty and a stronger frame than alternatives.

The bike weighs 50kg and includes an improved arm joint (the universal ball joint used in the arm attachment) to enhance durability and longevity.

Specifications as follows –


104lb (50kg) steel frame
Heavy duty 2′ resistance fan
Sealed cartridge bottom bracket
Heavier base and handles produce a more intense workout
Increased arm range of motion
Pedal arm uses bearing – stays tighter over time (compare to other models that have a looser pedal arm)


Tracks distance, speed, pace, calories burned, watts, and HR
Programmable Interval Functions (Work, Rest programs)
Set Distance time tracking

Rubber-dipped handles
4-way adjustable seat
Peg attachment foot rests
Extra padding on the seat

The console measures distance, watts, speed, and calories with the same identical formula to what was used in the 2015 Crossfit® Games

The Airmill Air Bike comes with 2 wheels located at the front of the frame. Simply tilt the bike and roll out of the way for storage

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